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Metal RoofMetal roofs are constructed to stand the test of time and weather. Metal roofing requires extremely low maintenance and retains its beauty for many years. They are also gaining in popularity due to their energy-saving options. May homeowners are trying to go “green” and reduce their carbon footprint, and switched to a metal roof is a good way to go about it.

It is crucial that the metal roofing installation process is done correctly, so let James Wright Roofing do it right for you the first time.  Metal roofs can be considered a lifetime product; maintenance is usually only ever required due to installation mistakes. Our team has plenty of experience in installing metal roofs. In addition to being environmentally friendly, metal roofs are increasing in demand because of their longevity, expanded color options and available warranties. For more information on the metal roofing services we offer, call us at 541-295-0204.